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Construction Phase

During the Construction Phase, all remaining components and application features are developed and integrated into the product, and all features are thoroughly tested. The Construction Phase is in some sense a manufacturing process, where emphasis is placed on managing resources and controlling operations to optimise costs, schedules, and quality. In this sense the management mindset undergoes a transition from the development of intellectual property during inception and elaboration, to the development of deployable products during construction and transition.

Many projects are large enough that parallel construction increments can be spawned. These parallel activities can accelerate the availability of deployable releases significantly; they can also increase the complexity of resource management and workflow synchronisation. A robust architecture and an understandable plan are highly correlated. In other words, one of the critical qualities of the architecture is its ease of construction. This is one reason why the balanced development of the architecture and the plan is stressed during the Elaboration Phase.

The primary objectives of the Construction Phase include:

  • Minimising development costs by optimising resources and avoiding unnecessary scrap and rework.
  • Achieving adequate quality as rapidly as practical.
  • Achieving useful versions (alpha, beta, and other test releases) as rapidly as practical.

The essential activities of the Construction Phase are:

  • Resource management, control and process optimisation
  • Complete component development and testing against the defined evaluation criteria
  • Assessment of product releases against acceptance criteria for the vision

The outcome of the Construction Phase is a product ready to put in the hands of its end-users. At minimum, it consists of:

  • The software product, integrated on the adequate platform.
  • Any user manual.
  • A description of the current release.



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