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Experienced in Software Developement

The Applied Software Solutions  Team has a broad experience of development projects, working together within many industry sectors. Over the past 10 years these projects have enabled the team to become highly experienced in all aspects of software development, throughout the project lifecycle. Major projects have all been soundly based on Microsoft technologies, the more recent being the development of applications for the web.

Beyond the development cycle, experience has enabled the team to identify business and market opportunities for technology application and innovation. Beta releases of new technologies are available to and evaluated by the team for potential advances to software development and software services.

For example, during their time creating advanced Insurance and Financial systems, members of the team were instrumental in the introduction and implementation of Object-Oriented, Model-driven development processes.

Some of our recent projects include:-

  • Housing Association Rent and Payment Tracking
  • Electronic Equipment Leasing and Administration
  • White and Brown goods Replacement Service
  • Author and Publisher Matching Service

The industry sectors we have developed for include:-

  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Computing
  • Publishing



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